While selling tech is complex, the principles we apply are simple.

Understanding the individual 

Although many technologies feel universal – the way individuals interact with even the most prevalent tech, is unique to them. We have discovered the secret to selling new technologies is in an ability to read the unpredictable and irrational. Really understanding people as individuals – getting a sense of their priorities, their experience and their emotional responses. Ambassadors who are able to respond to these insights are well equipped to make complex products easy to understand and appealing to the consumer.  

 Real-world events present tech companies with a rare opportunity to communicate the benefits of their products and engage with users at an individual, personal level. Our brand ambassadors can show the depth of products and adapt the way they explain it to the individual’s requirements and expertise. You wouldn’t explain an app in the same way to your grandmother as you would to a colleague, each has a different set of criteria for what is useful and interesting to them.  

 Real-world events can take out the fear for technophobes, they can add depth of knowledge for users who only have a top-line understanding, or they can go deep into details with established enthusiasts. Being able to adapt and repackage the product for the person in front of them, is what gives our people the edge in event staffing.


 “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”


When staffing tech events, we tap into specialist teams. Our tech-brand ambassadors are selected for their experience as users, gamers and influencers. We train them specifically to ensure they understand the product so well, that simple, direct, and relevant explanations come naturally. Staffing for events provides an exceptional opportunity to interact with both the tech and users, and our people are excited, enthusiastic and insightful before they even enter the building.   

 An Uber Opportunity 

A marvellous example of all these aspects at work was the launch of the Uber kiosk at arrivals in Toronto Pearson airport. As commonplace as Uber might feel to some, there are still lots of untapped markets. One of these is most present at airport arrivals – people coming from around the world might not have access to Uber for many reasons – they may not be aware of the brand, sure, but even if they are maybe they don’t have data-roaming in Canada. Maybe they don’t use taxi-apps, maybe they have never even heard of Uber or didn’t know it was available in Canada…  

Our team of eight tech experts were at arrivals manning the kiosk, helping get people where they needed to go without needing to download the app. And because our team were tech-savvy, they were also able to support the Uber team with UX feedback that helped create the kiosks version 2.0. This successful launch is now being extended around the country.   

At Elevate we used the Uber opportunity to create a comprehensive program for field and tech reporting, using a dashboard to measure KPIs and ride metrics, check-ins, finance and all other valuable insights for Uber’s tech team. 

Proven partners 

Our understanding of the benefits created by experiential marketing is why we are a global staffing partner to tech giants such as Meta, Oculus, Samsung, Dell, and Microsoft. These organisations understand the critical importance of experiential marketing, and the stats are proven.  

25-30% of people are more likely to pick up and purchase on the day if they’ve had the chance to try before they buy. 

 65% of customers will purchase a product promoted at an event.  

 Top performing brands in customer engagement experienced 50% higher revenue growth than all other brands.  

 97% of B2B marketers say in-person events are a critical component to their company’s success. 

 If you need well trained staff to bring your technology to consumers get in touch with team Elevate now: https://us.weareelevate.global/elevate-global-technology/.


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Brand Ambassadors – The Driving Force Behind Tech Sales

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