Presenting tech – from virtual, to reality

Life relaunched 

The lockdown and pandemic pressures meant real-life experiences and marketing opportunities were rightly put on hold. But now, a renewed enthusiasm and appreciation for going out and being together means that experiential marketing is undergoing massive growth. People are more eager than ever to meet in person, get off screens and go to live events and real shops. 

Interface to face 

Research shows that 57% of consumers won’t buy new tech until they’ve seen or held the product in real life, and according to McKinsey, 81%# of Gen Z shoppers prefer to discover new products in-store.   

This makes sense, because although online shopping is great for some products, for tech it can be obstructing. You can’t see the impact of pixels in a 4k OLED TV unless you are looking at the real thing. You can’t wrap your ears around the big bass of a home cinema from a laptop. With lockdown lifted, tech companies were excited to show the world what they had been up to, for real.  

This is both an opportunity and a challenge, especially for pure-play and online brands who might not have a physical retail space to work with, or even a product that can be held. But that’s where we come in. We’ve carried out over 125 activations across the US market as part of the Touch Campaign, talking to thousands of consumers about the new Z flip phone, with another 400 events planned throughout Q3 and Q4. Live events are a unique opportunity for technology brands to have a conversation with consumers. At Elevate our teams have launched 15 new brands in the last 18 months.

People power 

One of our main priorities when staffing tech events is to use a team of highly trained, specialist tech brand ambassadors. These are people who literally bring the brand to life. They’re highly trained for each product launch, but most importantly they live the brands in their outside lives as well. They are influencers, gamers and early adopters who are already knowledgeable about the products, and they’re excited. They come to product training keen to discover what’s new and to share that excitement with others. They can bring the benefits to life because they live tech. 

Some products also require physical representation. Bringing a brand that is purely online into the real world can require a different set of questions. How can we bring a brand’s voice to life? What would an app feel like in a room? Who will users identify with and want to talk to? 

Matching BA’s for 

An amazing example of generating real-world brand experience comes from our work with Lockdown changed the way dating apps were used, with virtual dating becoming the norm. Bringing to life meant creating a safe, vivid meeting space that, like the app, encourages people to interact. These events are a key growth driver for Match and our teams facilitate not just the experience, but all the learnings and leads that are generated during them.   

Our teams are Match event regulars, scoring better with every event. They have 100% execution rate, and they offer detailed event reporting that the clients can use to grow. Most importantly, guests are treated to a fun, interactive night and the chance to find real love (awwww). 

Experience is effective  

Experiential marketing works, it builds a base of loyal fans who are more likely to commit to products,  and top performing brands in customer engagement, experience 50% higher revenue growth than all other brands.  

To find out more about bringing your brand to life, contact us.


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