Meet the Leaders –  Ingrid Windisch 

As part of our global expansion plans, Elevate has opened three new offices in Germany, France and Austria to provide brands and partners with greater opportunities to create and deliver multi-market European experiences and events.  

To help our clients get to know the newly appointed Managing Directors for each market, we’ve invited them to answer five questions about the industry and themselves. Ingrid Windisch has taken over the role of Managing Director for Austria, bringing more than 16 years of experience with her.   

How will Elevate’s global expansion plans benefit clients on a local level?  

The potential growth opportunity for Austria is immense. Not only do share the language with neighbouring countries such as Germany, but we will be bridging the gap for growing economies in Europe, with countries such as Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary. These markets as with Austria are in the infant stage and as such offer future growth for Elevate.  

Global expansion ensures that standardisation and uniformity. Leading to an increase in productivity and efficiencies, and as such exceptional service provision. We have the opportunity to establish a leading Staffing Brand globally with international and local clients knowing out visions, missions and ways of working are united. Clients can be rest assured that we’re operating with consistent exceptional customer service delivery and quality. 

Austria’s capital, Vienna, is steeped in its own culture, history and traditions. It is imperative that we recognise this and celebrate the Viennese way as a strength, whilst still striving to establish ourselves in the rest of Austria.  

What do you think are the essential components of a successful activation/brand experience?  

Clear, honest and open communication is at the heart of it all. In order to not only achieve but to overachieve on customer expectations we need to understand the client’s vision.  Successful activation entails matching the brand with individual staff members who can be passionate and skilful about delivery.     

Staff are treated with the same respect as clients. They are out customers also. In order to ensure loyalty and delivery we do go above and beyond in ensuring that we are employer of choice. We strive to build personal relationships with you staff, highlighting their strengths in order to get the best out of them.  

What needs to change in the industry right now?  

The future is hybrid events.  

Meaning: events now need to embrace technology but lose its personal and hands on touch/experience.  

Covid has been a catalyst for the required change, in that we are far more likely to use technology in order to achieve our day to day demands. As an industry we need to move with the times and embrace technology and all that this entails, whilst this can be a challenge these are exciting times for us as an industry leading company. Elevate will be the change, and I am confident that you will see ground-breaking innovation that will be used across the global staffing industry.  

Its key that we do not lose sight of the customer expectation – an experience that we strive to achieve.  

What’s the best piece of advice someone’s ever given you?  

Stay true to who you are. As a brand. As a customer. As a facilitator. As a person.  

How do you like to prepare for the day ahead?  

Having a clear set vision on what needs to be achieved for the day. Whilst there is focus and prioritising on the task at hand, I never lose sight of the bigger picture. I am driven, methodical, organised, and passionate. As a mother of twin boys, I am the queen of multitasking.  

I am an early riser, and to be prepared and succeed every day, this quality time allows me to be centred and focused.   


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