Introducing Our New Germany Managing Director

A French-born entrepreneur and mother, Julie Reed is a highly creative, driven, and efficient individual with a warm personality. She brings to Elevate 15 years of experience in running cross-border events and managing big numbers of staff – in France, the UK, Portugal and now Germany.

Julie has worked at the 2012 Olympic Games and at Club France in London, where she was responsible for the recruitment of the entire team and day-to-day management of over 100 bilingual French/English staff.

Her fascination with the industry lies in its diversity and unpredictability. Every workday is different: the people you meet, the tasks at your desk, and the feelings that accompany each challenge.

Today we are delighted to greet Julie – alongside her current role as Managing Director of Elevate France – as the managing head of all our operations in Germany, employees, and departments. Her main goal in this position is to drive the overall growth and success of the current team and its projects.

To find out what lies ahead, we asked her a few questions…

Bonjour, Julie, et bienvenue en Allemagne! You are now spread across two cities: Paris and Berlin – how will you divide your time?

I will alternately spend one week in Berlin and one in Paris. Dividing the time between these two locations 50-50 makes sense, since it allows me to mediate between two major European markets and share best practices locally. Some of what we do in France can be implemented in Germany with small tweaks and vice versa.

What challenges do Elevate France and Germany share?

The biggest challenge of the events industry as a whole has always boiled down to staffing. Our business is about recruiting on the one hand and retaining talent on the other. Not only do we have to find the right people, but we must also do our part in keeping them happy. That’s why I’m putting community management high on the agenda in Germany, too. I want us to keep building and nurturing a strong team spirit from the ground up.

What are your top-of-mind goals for Germany and why?

As I said, I want us to keep expanding our communication efforts and create real human connections instead of just welcoming people for a job. This could be done through something like casual gestures of kindness, like a birthday treat. Another option that has been greatly appreciated are face-to-face meetings at the office. We’ve never wanted working with us to be a mere transaction between two parties, where one does the work for which the other pays.

A little fun fact about you that most people don’t know.

Originally, I was supposed to be a lawyer, but after my first job I quickly realized that I was destined for something else. So, I left France to go into the events business in the UK. I love it to this day and have never regretted the move.

What are you the go-to person for in the Berlin office, both internally and externally?

Internally, I’m always available for entrepreneurial discussions, including brainstorming on creative problem-solving approaches. I’m always there to advise clients on best practice sharing. We are a company that likes to combine local knowledge with global expertise. We understand the cultural nuances that exist between the European and US markets and are able to find ways to make the same things work for different audiences.

Being a woman in leadership, you encourage other females to thrive. What’s your take on women empowerment and what do you think it takes to succeed?

Never take no for an answer. I’ve seen many people who were sceptical and told me that some things aren’t possible because I’m a woman or a mother. But I decided to do it anyway and push boundaries.


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