Elevate provides beauty product experts + impactful insights with brand ambassadors

Brand Ambassadors for Beauty Brands should be product experts

When cosmetic companies look to hire a premium brand ambassador staffing partner for in-store activations, product push periods, or outside events in the US (or even events outside the US), Elevate is always here to assist and help manage, with a presence across five international markets, the US and EMEA!

But our work goes way beyond finding people with the right look to help hand out promotional items or distribute new marketing materials to potential clients, because…

We train product experts like no other

Our expert beauty training supports our ambassadors to build deep product knowledge for your brand and builds their abilities to consult with customers in a store environment to best match the ideal products and ranges with an individual shopper/consumer. We also raise your product’s visibility while educating guests and simply having fun in a beauty based self-care space!

Our Experts create the correct environment

Our representatives create an environment for influencers and consumers to share their thoughts on new products, and they educate consumers using key talking points about the product line, unique brand differentiators, and when applicable, can also be provided Elevate’s own countertop kits with your products (and your technology) to be used within the training so our ambassadors can act as confident experts to provide the best advice and consultation to shoppers on day 1 of an any activation. 

We provide everything you might need for any program

We have dedicated Project Managers on staff that would work with you directly. They hire and train brand ambassadors with specialized skills that fit your needs and ideal look for your brand, coordinate the sizing and distribution of uniforms, manage public interactions and photo opportunities, distribute makeup samples to influencers and shoppers, apply makeup to consumers, and greet influencers and media at VIP events, all with a sales focus.

We measure and optimize to create peak performance for retail activation

We measure every minute of every day. Our staff members are gathering feedback during consumer consultations and surveys after those engagements to capture rich insight in the moment, including what those customers go on to buy and why. That data is pulled through into our proprietary measurement platform and displayed through live KPI dashboards enabling beauty brand managers and retail marketeers to better understand the operational, brand, and commercial outcomes of their activations. We work with our staff to implement operational and experience optimizations based on what we can see is working to deliver better performance against beauty brands and a retailer’s objectives.

Interested in having a conversation regarding work opportunities, receiving a quote for staffing needs, or simply to learn more about what we are doing, contact us here.


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