Brand Ambassadors – The Driving Force Behind Tech Sales

Hardly any industry can do without new technologies anymore. Even retail companies are using VR and AR to create immersive shopping experiences. For that reason, Elevate invests in its tech specialists through continuous training and the sharing of best practices worldwide. The company is aware that every promotion requires tech affinity. 

One of the biggest challenges for staffing in tech is finding the right talent. Due to some highly complex products, consultations take time, which means that fewer conversations are held more intensively. Selling tech requires thus a high success rate.

We interviewed Jonas Willuhn, Chief Growth Officer (CGO) at Elevate Global, to find out what makes a tech venture successful and how the company manages to turn its sales teams into high performers. Jonas says: “New consumer gadgets aren’t easily explained. Selling them requires longer, more detailed talks. So, we rely on top communicators who don’t only live tech in their everyday life but also know how to jump on current trends.”

Tech Affinity Through Non-Stop Training

While this is true of any industry, crews running tech promotions need to be particularly well trained. Jonas explains: “Unlike with FMCG products, sales teams hold fewer consultations and therefore have less opportunities to sell products. For this reason, particularly well-trained staff is a must.”

One-time product training is not enough to successfully implement tech campaigns. Instead, crews need to ‘stay on the ball’ and continuously engage with the product. Above all, however, Jonas sees live product demonstrations as imperative. He says: “Training videos are not enough to create the required level of enthusiasm. Only a trainer who demonstrates live can create enough excitement. He or she can convey feelings and stir up emotions to be passed on to the customer.”

Especially in tech, Elevate is striving for a combination of both at its in-house academy: digital training and live presentations of the product. “The latter can also be carried out by an external service provider at the point of experience if required,” says Jonas.

External Tech Teams –A Solution That Makes Sense

Staffing is clearly a cost issue. Jonas: “It makes little financial sense for a company to keep a crew on payroll only for occasional assignments,” explains Jonas. “In such cases, it’s more cost-effective to bring in an outside staffing agency to provide temporary, external staff.”

Staffing through external service providers has even more advantages. Elevated motivation is one of them. As Jonas puts it: “Our Brand Ambassadors don’t work 24/7 for one brand, they work for many.” This means the faces behind Elevate are always experiencing new and different things. They get new impulses on a regular basis. In addition, they are very familiar with the industry due to the wide range of jobs Elevate offers within tech.

At Elevate, the size of the crews varies depending on the promotion at hand – from one person in retail to a hundred people at trade fairs. For cross-border campaigns, teams can include up to a thousand people in one day, spread across different cities around the world.

“Experimental Marketing” as a Success Factor

Elevate uses “experimental marketing” to create interest in a product. It is a concept which aims to create something special, extraordinary, even unforeseen. “Ultimately, we want to stir up emotions with our promotional campaigns,” says Jonas. “I believe that we can break down barriers – and by that, I mean the fear of contact that some people might have – through gamification. It allows us to get closer to customers and expand target groups.”

One example would include a campaign done with Day Holly, where Elevate transported visitors into different worlds using VR glasses. They could travel to Ibiza, simulated by sounds, scents, and wind. “For me, that’s what makes marketing experimental: taking people out of an everyday situation and into a dream world,” says Jonas.

Know-How From Other Markets Made Local

When running tech campaigns, Elevate draws on its expertise from other markets. Jonas explains: “Most tech trends emerge in the USA, where Elevate has been active for years. We can seamlessly transfer our expertise from there to any other market, adapting practices to fit the taste of local audiences.”

Elevate’s global presence offers customers a clear advantage as the company experiments with many new technologies before they even reach the European market. That’s one of the reasons why big brands like Meta, Samsung, and Nintendo rely on Elevate for tech promotions: Its crews can adapt know-how from other markets locally.

Additionally, Elevate recognizes the importance of measuring success. With the help of the in-house reporting tool “Impact”, the company gets a precise picture of the true success of each campaign, based on previously agreed KPIs and a need for data analysis. Jonas: “We don’t just provide qualified staff; we prove our success to the customer.”



“In tech, we rely on top communicators who don’t only live tech in their everyday life, but also know how to jump on current trends.”

“Successful sales crews need to ‘stay on the ball’ and continuously engage with the product.”

“Experimental marketing” means taking people out of an everyday situation and into a dream world.

“We can seamlessly adapt our international expertise to any other market.”



While selling tech is complex, the principles we apply are simple.


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